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RDR Publishing LLC is the "King Of Information! Our website is currently under construction, but please return often to see our website updates. Actually our website will constantly be under construction, because we will frequently be adding books, products and content as time goes on. You have stumbled upon our Internet Marketing hub, where our concern is to help you with your marketing online and increase your earning potential. This means you will find books and the tools necessary for online success. We are here to put a smile on your face!

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Money: If earning money online is your goal, you have come to the right place!

Information: This is our area of expertise here. Our goal is not to choke you with information, but to give you the best and what you need.

Information leads to knowledge, the knowledge necessary to do the job. We already have information products in place and more are coming.

Tools: There are tools of the trade for every job and we have the best right here, your one stop shop for internet success.

Pres: Ray Reifinger
Ray Reifinger
President, RDR Publishing LLC

My name is Raymond Reifinger from Northampton, Pennsylvania, but you can call me Ray. I want to give you an idea of who I am and why I am here. First to give you some of my background, I am a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran, I am a computer technician /electronic technician, an ex-college professor and I have a published and U.S. copyrighted book. Now that probably sounds like a mouthful, but I have had 60 years to accomplish those things. I am here to give you the best and newest information in internet marketing and making money right here on the internet.

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